Some mental health professionals are realizing that profound changes have to occur health care before we can effectively deal with the mushrooming problem of drug addiction in America.  Barry Lessin is one therapist, stepping out on this issue.  He makes a point in his recent article that  America spends  fifty billion dollars per year to wage a war on drugs that has done nothing to slow the problem.  He goes on to say that failed policies focus primarily on the reduction of the supply of drugs by carrying out paramilitary operations in other countries as well as on drug users here in the United States, combined with amplified law enforcement approaches involving tens of millions arrested, and many millions incarcerated for nonviolent acts since the drug war began in the 70′s.   Barry Lessin brings up a few key points that legislators need to acknowledge if Americans want their tax dollars to count for something positive, that can deal with drug addiction and lessen demand without killing or ruining lives.  Please view his article by clicking on this link:   An Addiction Counselor’s War on Drugs | Barry Lessin.